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Turbo timers are a small computer designed to prevent your turbocharger from overheating after heavy use, thereby preventing damage and extra wear to your turbo. Having a high quality turbo timer installed prolongs the life and condition of your turbocharger.

Bogaard turbo timers can be installed on any type of turbocharged vehicle, from forklifts to excavators to passenger vehicles, and are simple to install.

Bogaard is an Australian company, and manufacture their products right here.

Reasons To Fit A Turbo Timer:

Lubricates turbo bearings until temperature is safe

Extends the period between turbo overhauls

Cuts vehicle down time

Drivers may forget – a timer never does

Why A Bogaard?

  • Modern digital circuitry
  • Push button idle time set – 6 periods from 0.5 to 5 minutes
  • Instant push button cancel & stop
  • Attractive through or under dash mounting
  • Plug-in fittings for most popular vehicles
  • Peace of mind

Additional Features For Bogaard:

  • Park Brake connection allowing the timer to operate only when the vehicle park brake is applied
  • Lockable preffered idle period preventing the vehicle operator from changing the time selection
  • Sealed control module membrane reducing dust and moisture entry

Designed either as an economical replacement for original equipment timers or where no timer is currently fitted, Bogaard Glow Plug Timers provide the usual benefits of glow plug timers:

  • Optimum cylinder temperature every time, for reliable starting
  • Reduced need for costly glow plug replacement
  • Extended battery life through quicker starting


  • Adjustable glow plug ON time to suit individual engines
  • Automatic operation at key switch
  • Easy installation with full serviceability
  • Replace most original equipment timers at a much lower cost

The GT-10 Model is designed for applications where no glow plug timer has previously been used, such as machinery. It has a switch which illuminates when pushed to start the timing cycle. When the light turns off, the engine is ready to start.

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