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AdBlue - What do you do?

AdBlue Contamination

As vehicle manufacturers look to decrease harmful emissions, new products such as AdBlue are having a positive impact, but they are not without problems. An increasing number of vehicles are making their way into workshops around the world, with expensive repair bills from AdBlue not being used in the correct manner.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a colourless solution of deionized water (67.5%) and h


Our Top Picks for a South Australian Getaway

Whether it's school holiday fun for the whole family, a much needed weekend to unwind or a 4x4 adventure with mates, you don't really have to go too far from home.

From the Outback to the River and the EP, check out our top SA Getaways​​​​​​

Yorke Peninsula,
Hillocks Drive


14 kms from Marion Bay, this is a great fishing and camping destination for the whole family.
Experience some

What's the low down on the VP44 pump?

The low-down on VP44 pumps.

What is the VP44 and how does it work?

The VP44 fuel pump is an electronically controlled rotary fuel injection pump; the pump controls the injection quantity & timing of the fuel injection.

Engines that use these pumps also use mechanical injectors which control injection pressure (400bar approx. nominal pressure).

The pump control unit (PCU) controls the timer


RAA Members save 10%

RAA members save 10% on their Hi-Tech services in a new proposal from the roadside assistance organisation.

The RAA has rolled out a new addition to their More for Members program.

Members will receive 10% off every visit to any RAA approved repairer, such as Hi-Tech, who opt-in to the scheme.

The 10% discount will be capped at $30 per visit and will exclude battery and tyre sales. 

For regu


Important Vehicle Safety Checks this Easter

Easter Safety Checks

Whether you’re out on the open road, heading off on an outback adventure or making a short trip down the coast, the Easter break is certainly a peak period on our roads.

Long drives can cause undue stress on your vehicle, so before hitting the road, take the time to follow these tips so you can enjoy kicking back and enjoying a well-deserved ice cold bevvie when you arrive (safely!) at your


Coding to the ECU



How do piezo injectors work?


Piezo injectors are crucial in modern common rail diesel engines, instigating a rapid series of injection events which allow for greater efficiency, performance & reduced emissions.

At the heart of a piezo injector is the piezoelectric (piezo) crystal. It rapidly expands when electricity is applied, making it suitable to act as the actuator in a diesel fuel injector. A piezo injector can act


Worn glow plugs cause a number of problems


Glow plugs are wearing parts and need to be checked regularly, normally around every 80,000 – 100,000 km to ensure they function perfectly. Experience has shown that glow plugs usually reach their wear limit in quick succession. For the customer, replacing the complete set costs less than repeatedly replacing individual defective glow plugs. This is because connection lines a


Handyman's Roadside Repair Kit

While there’s an arsenal of tools which can be carried to help out in any roadside emergency or breakdown, depending on your level of expertise, we recommend the following items as a bare minimum to assist with the most common of vehicle problems on the road.


Handyman’s roadside repair kit:

- screwdrivers and spanners

- jumper leads

- blanket and towel/rags

- torch

- 2L water



Driving heavy vehicles to save fuel - tips

tips; drive heavy vehicles to save fuel

For transport and haulage companies, diesel fuel can be up to 40 percent of total costs associated with running the business.

While the majority of employers would like to think their employees have the right attitude, some will still say they don’t care about driving to save fuel, as the company is paying.

And between fuel conscious drivers and those who aren’t, the difference in fu


Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Update

The Volkswagen emissions scandal may finally be coming to an end, with the company agreeing to pay the United States AU$5.8billion in fines.

The total costs of the scandal is close to AU$27billion and while six high level employees have been implicated in the saga, many will not face penalties for their roles.

Prosecutors against the German auto giant revealed an elaborate scheme inside the compa


VIDEO: Genuine Pump Repair

This short video provides insight into how Hi Tech repair pumps using genuine parts and superior testing. 


Who foots the bill for contaminated fuel?

Contaminated Fuel

Where do you stand with contaminated fuel? Where and why does it happen?
Are insurance companies accountable, the service station or the motorist?

When it comes to contaminated fuel, unfortunately many service stations and insurance companies can avoid admitting to the problem.

The majority of service stations can evade liability if the customer hasn’t kept a receipt, and even then, holdin


More power for the 2016/2017 Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser 200 series

A new performance module for the Toyota Landcruiser 70 series and 200 series is due to be released early in the new year.

Research and development for the module has been completed by Steinbauer, with fine tuning to be carried out and the product officially released by late January 2017

The module will provide an additional 20% increase in power and torque to the Landcruiser’s twin turbo d


UK Workshops slammed for removing diesel particulate filters from vehicles


A growing number of garages across the UK have been exploiting a legal loophole and removing DPF’s from vehicles for just several hundred dollars.

DPF’s are compulsory in all newer diesel vehicles to counter toxic particles and soot escaping into the atmosphere, which contribute to dangerous particulate pollution and potential early death.

In an effort to curb the costs of fitting a


First non-Aussie built 2018 Holden Commodore to feature diesel engine

The old Holden commodore as Aussies know it, appears to have undergone considerable changes since the company ended its manufacturing in Australia, inlcuding a new design and diesel engine. 

Based on first release pictures of the new German built vehicle, the Opel Signia, Holden's 2018 model is significantly smaller than the previous VF.

Only slightly larger than a Toyota Camry, it is simila


Protecting your engine is key: more and more customers opt to install fuel filter kits

Benefits of a fuel filter kit:

Fuel contamination due to water, dirt or dust particles can cause extreme damage to common rail diesel fuel systems, costing between $1000 and $10000 if the system needs to be replaced.  

Filtering the fuel before it reaches the system not only prolongs the life of your engine but also prevents loss of performance, power and fuel efficiency.

While all veh


World first dent-free car

World first dent-free car comes to Australia. Wayward trolleys damaging cars in shopping centre car parks may soon be an issue of the past.


In a world first, the French – made Citroen Cactus has been engineered with air bubbles that can absorb the impact of a runaway trolley, packed with groceries travelling up to 40kms per hour.


Shopping trolley dents and other dings cost car


Aussie petrol App helping you save

Running under the Petrol Spy banner, the free App helps you to locate the cheapest petrol prices in your neck of the woods. Petrol spy supplies active price updates daily to more than 25,00 users across all states and territories.

The database covers all grades of petrol diesel and LPG from all the major retailers and independent operators, is updated in real time and offers maps to locate the ven


Aussie Car Recall

More than 1.1 million cars in Australia are now affected by the world’s biggest automotive recall for defective airbags that can spray shrapnel in a crash. In the past fortnight Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota have increased the number and range of vehicles caught up in recall of defective Takata airbags. The faulty airbags are suspected to have claimed 10 lives overseas.


No incidents


RAA New Features

You asked… and the RAA listened.

Over the past year, the RAA have been reviewing what motorists want and expect from their Road Service. Since the data has been revised, changes have been made!

Battery Discounts – Along with free delivery and installation, RAA members now get $20 off their battery prices.

Bicycle Cover – anyone who has road-side service can now call to receive h read more...

Top Six 4WD Tips From Motoring.com


Driving off-road and having the right vehicle to head bush requires skill and preparation

To make the most of visiting Australia’stop 4WD destinations, you will need a four-wheel drive that’s set up for bush travel and the ability and confidence to drive it in tough off-road situations.

If you’re new to bush travel in a 4WD, then the first thing to do is get a four-wheel d


Asbestos Brake Pads Recalled

In news this week, thousands of brake pads containing deadly asbestos, designed to fit one of Australia’s most iconic and popular cars are being sold to local buyers - buyers that are completely unaware that they are in fact counterfeit and harmful.

This announcement follows a warning from Toyota Australia that informed owners of its popular Hilux and Hiace vehicles that the fake pads were b read more...

German Car Giant in Strife

Our insight into the Volkswagen scandal:

For those who may not be familiar with the current situation Volkswagen have found themselves in, we will help to shed some light.

The German car giants have been dubbed the "diesel dupe" as they have admitted to cheating tests in the US, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

VW has made a major push to sell diesel cars in the US, backed by


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