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World first dent-free car



World first dent-free car comes to Australia. Wayward trolleys damaging cars in shopping centre car parks may soon be an issue of the past.


In a world first, the French – made Citroen Cactus has been engineered with air bubbles that can absorb the impact of a runaway trolley, packed with groceries travelling up to 40kms per hour.


Shopping trolley dents and other dings cost car owners ant the insurance industry millions of dollars in minor repairs each year.


The only catch to this miracle dent-free car is that you must be able to drive manual if you wish to drive the petrol model. An automatic model is available, but holds a diesel engine.


The name of the new car has since caused discussion around the office. To us, “cactus” is a word we throw around to describe something that no longer works or has conked out. We’re sure French manufactures did not take this Aussie slang into account when coming up with it’s title.


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