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Protecting your engine is key: more and more customers opt to install fuel filter kits



Benefits of a fuel filter kit:

Fuel contamination due to water, dirt or dust particles can cause extreme damage to common rail diesel fuel systems, costing between $1000 and $10000 if the system needs to be replaced.  

Filtering the fuel before it reaches the system not only prolongs the life of your engine but also prevents loss of performance, power and fuel efficiency.

While all vehicles come pre-installed with fuel filters, it’s all too common for dust, dirt and water particles to pass through, sometimes on brand new vehicles.

And the potential damage caused to injectors and other components of the fuel system, are costs no motorist wants to endure.

While regularly changing filters is important, the best way to safeguard diesel vehicles from unwanted matter is by installing a fuel filter kit, which will efficiently remove these contaminants before they wreak havoc on the fuel system.

As the micron ratings of original manufacturer filters are unknown, a fuel filter kit will always ensure optimum filtration of 2 micron.We are finding more and more of our customers opting to install these filter kits earlier, rather than later, as these kits can save thousands of dollars down the track. ‚Äč

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