1 RK Injector set to change face of diesel fuel injection industry

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RK Injector set to change face of diesel fuel injection industry



Will we be saying goodbye to common rail? There’s a new revolution in Diesel Fuel Injection…

There’s set to be a new player in the diesel fuel injection industry if development and production comes to fruition, the RK injector.

Swiss based company, RK Lab AG is developing this self-pressurising diesel fuel injector which they believe has the potential to drastically reduce diesel emissions, as well as reduce the need for complex common rail systems.

The RK Injector utilises pressure from the piston compression in the combustion chamber to power the injector and to provide a much more efficient fuel spray into the combustion chamber.

The diesel fuel is injected in about 180 tiny droplets under a pressure of more than 5,000 bar.

A spokesperson from the company said:

"Comparing this with the current, common rail injection system where the injectors have as few as four to eight holes is the key to increased efficiency.

The dispersal nozzle of the RK Injector injects the diesel in about 180 tiny droplets under more than 5,000 bar pressure in a spray pattern that further improves the combustion process.”

According to RK Lab, this atomization of the fuel particles improves the mixing of the air and fuel in the combustion chamber, which not only improves the combustion process but also lowers the temperature and the compression within the combustion chamber.

Developing a more complete combustion of the fuel at lower temperature and lower combustion compressions leads to better fuel economy, a reduction in particulate emissions and the reduction in NOx.

RK Lab is currently looking at setting up a development and production centre in Finland.

Source: Maritime Journal

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