1 Tips to Save Fuel when driving heavy vehicles

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Driving heavy vehicles to save fuel - tips



tips; drive heavy vehicles to save fuel

For transport and haulage companies, diesel fuel can be up to 40 percent of total costs associated with running the business.

While the majority of employers would like to think their employees have the right attitude, some will still say they don’t care about driving to save fuel, as the company is paying.

And between fuel conscious drivers and those who aren’t, the difference in fuel economy can be as much as 25 percent.

The following tips can assist heavy vehicle driver’s drive more efficiently and save on fuel expenditure:

-       Back off the accelerator and let the vehicle roll into traffic lights & intersections

-       Use the same method when going up hills, rather than powering over the top and using unnecessary fuel, only to wear the brakes going down 

-       Try and prevent stopping at all by predicting the green lights on familiar runs/sections of the road.  Then allow momentum to push the vehicle through and past lights. Even if the vehicle has slowed down, moving the entire time rather than stopping frequently can save on diesel.

-       Drive at slower speeds on long drives or when carrying heavier than usual loads, which will reduce aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption

-       Consider installing fleet tracking systems in the vehicle which provide real time data analysis and monitor fuel consumption over time

-       Other technological breakthroughs are available which can analyse road conditions to automate shifting gears and braking, as well as detect signs of driver fatigue.


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