1 Check your glow plugs for wear to avoid common malfunctions

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Worn glow plugs cause a number of problems




Glow plugs are wearing parts and need to be checked regularly, normally around every 80,000 – 100,000 km to ensure they function perfectly. Experience has shown that glow plugs usually reach their wear limit in quick succession. For the customer, replacing the complete set costs less than repeatedly replacing individual defective glow plugs. This is because connection lines and conductor bars have to be removed before each replacement. Engine loud, unsettled, lack of power? Check the glow plugs!

Defective glow plugs can cause many different malfunctions. With the following symptoms, it can be worthwhile checking the glow plugs:

  • Increased smoke formation, especially after a cold start

  • Combustion noise is louder than normal when the engine is cold

  • The engine runs unevenly despite a warm engine

  • The power output drops or fuel consumption increases

Handy resistance value tips:

Resistance ∞ Ω:  Glow plug defective

Resistance < 0.2 Ω: Glow plug defective

Resistance > 0.2 Ω and < 5 Ω: Glow plug OK

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