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UK Workshops slammed for removing diesel particulate filters from vehicles




A growing number of garages across the UK have been exploiting a legal loophole and removing DPF’s from vehicles for just several hundred dollars.

DPF’s are compulsory in all newer diesel vehicles to counter toxic particles and soot escaping into the atmosphere, which contribute to dangerous particulate pollution and potential early death.

In an effort to curb the costs of fitting a brand new DPF, some mechanical workshops have promised ‘invisible’ DPF removal.

An advertisement from a workshop in Bristol has caught the attention of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The workshops advert said:

“The only MOT regulation regarding the DPF is a simple visual inspection. As long as the DPF still appears to be fitted, the vehicle will pass the MOT visual inspection. Therefore we only remove the internal core, leaving the outer casing in place. The vehicle will appear to have a DPF fitted and will appear unmodified.”

The ASA has banned the advert as misleading and confirmed any future adverts must make “immediately clear with sufficient prominence that it is illegal to drive such vehicles on a public road”.

Interestingly, in May 2016, advertising platforms such as Google, eBay & Gumtree refused to ban adverts offering to remove DPF’s.

While 1188 vehicles have been caught, due to the practice of ‘invisible DPF removal’, unfortunately the true number of filterless vehicles driving on the roads is likely to be much higher.

Hi Tech Diesel does not advise any workshops to partake in this practice and urges any consumers to steer clear of any mechanic offering to perform this service in Australia.

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