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A power chip is a sophisticated electronic accessory that optimises the fuel injection process of your engine leading to more power, torque and better fuel efficiency. With more response at even lower rpms and stronger mid range acceleration, overtaking becomes not only quicker, but safer too. These easy-to-install and easy-to-remove chips are made to suit most turbo-diesel engines.

By increasing the precision of your fuel-injection system, your engine performs better without the risk of engine damage. Extensive testing of our diesel performce modules means we can recommend the chip to suit you with complete peace of mind and confidence that it will suit your car and its fuel injection system.

Precise Fuel Control

One method often used to increase the performance of the new-generation common rail diesel engines is to increase fuel rail pressure by tricking the ECU with "fudged" signals from sensors. This can create abnormal stresses on fuel system components with consequent unreliability problems and the potential for major damage. Steinbauer modules don't change rail pressure, but achieve the desired performance enhancement by changing injection duration, the same way the system was originally designed to operate. This also allows precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine.

Real Timing

– the actual beginning and end of injection timing - is not achieved by any "chip" available for diesel engines today. It's misleading to suggest so. With Steinbauer, duration is achieved by adding pulse width to a signal, i.e. at end of injection. This is not changing timing. That's best left to the factory ECU.

Achieves a safe increase in performance

Additionally & uniquely, the Steinbauer modules have the ability to reduce the performance enhancement progressively by 1% per second back to a predetermined amount. This prevents potentially dangerous exhaust temperatures being reached completely independently of driver input. Once again, this is unique to Steinbauer.

Rigorously Tested

Every Steinbauer module type is rigorously tested here in Australia on the vehicles sold in Australia, using Australian fuel, in Australian conditions. This testing is conducted by Diesel Care Australia, acknowledged as one of Australia's leading diesel fuel injection service specialists.

Individually Mapped

Every Steinbauer module is individually mapped to maximize the performance of every engine variant. Where and when necessary the mapping can be easily changed if required – for example, when fitting a larger exhaust system.

Easy Installation

Steinbauer modules are designed to be installed easily. Original electrical connectors are employed to allow easy installation. With some general mechanical ability, our module can be installed by you.

Quality Manufacturing

Steinbauer modules are manufactured in Austria with the quality and attention to detail that you would expect from German engineering. As such, Steinbauer modules carry a full and comprehensive warranty and are guaranteed to work. Not only are they guaranteed to work, but to work better than any other diesel performance enhancement product available.

Some Additional Points

TÜV Certification

Many Steinbauer performance modules carry TÜV certification. TÜV is an internationally recognised, independent standards certification agency. TÜV certification provides full assurance of the quality and performance of the product to which it is attached. This is a major factor which separates the Steinbauer product from all other products available in Australia.

Largest International Range

Steinbauer performance modules offer the largest international range of applications available today. Our range covers passenger vehicles, 4WDs, trucks, tractors, marine and industrial applications. No other product offers such an extensive range of product.

Intimate Knowledge and Experience

Steinbauer is the one product with one national distributor & one national dealer network. Steinbauer performance modules are supported by a national network of acknowledged diesel specialists. These dealers are supported in turn, by Steinbauer Australasia. Many of our dealers are either diesel or 4WD specialists with an intimate knowledge and years of experience with diesel engines.

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