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Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel Fuel Filter

Hi Tech Diesel Injection diesel fuel filter kits are desgined specifically to protect the sensitive components of modern common rail diesel engines. Each of these kits are DIY installation (we can also fit) and come complete with all parts suitable for your vehicle as well as a spare filter. 

•DIY installation, this kit includes all parts required for you to install
•No need for special filter tools, filter element can be tightened and removed by hand
•Long life filter media. Filter media in the Fuel Manager Filter has been heat and chemically treated for maximum durability and to resist acids.
•Filters 99.5% sediment and 95% whole water
•Pre-filter that goes inline before the factory filter, so your warranty is not effected
•No-spill filter change
•Ideal for common rail diesel engines
•Used by 70 manufacturers globally, including Perkins, CAT, Iveco, JCB and many more
•Kit includes; - Laser cut stainless steel bracket, specific to your vehicle - All fittings and hose clamps - Any fuel hose required - Spare replacement element - Fuel Manager Filter including water trap bowl - Clear and precise fitting instructions (most kits can be fitted in under 1 hour)


Fuel Manager FM601DPK Filter Kit   Isuzu Dmax 130kw 2012>

Fuel Manager FM602DPK Filter Kit    Holden Colorado 2.8L

Fuel Manager FM603DPK Filter Kit   Volkswagen Amarok 120kw, 132kw

Fuel Manager FM606DPK Filter Kit   D40 Nissan Navara STX 550

Fuel Manager FM607DPK Filter Kit    Mitsubishi Pajero 

Fuel Manager FM628DPK2MIC Filter Kit    Toyota Hilux 2.8L 2016>

Fuel Manager FM629DPK2MIC Filter Kit   Mitsubishi Trition MQ 

Fuel Manager FM630DPK2MIC Filter Kit    Nissan Navara NP300 2016>

Fuel Manager FMBT50DPK Filter Kit    Mazda BT50 2L 3L Ford Ranger 2L 3L

Fuel Manager FMDMAXCOLDPK  Filter Kit   Isuzu Dmax 3L Holden Colorado 3L

Fuel Manager FMHILUXDPK Filter Kit   Toyota Hilux 3L <2016 

Fuel Manager FMLC100DPK Filter Kit   Toyota Landcuiser 100 series

Fuel Manager FMLC2003BARDPK Filter Kit    Toyota Landcruiser 200 series (3 batteries)

Fuel Manager FMLC200DPK Filter Kit    Toyota Landcruiser 200 series

Fuel Manager FMLC70DPK Filter Kit    Toyota Landcruiser 70 series

Fuel Manager FMNAVARAD22DPK Filter Kit  D22Nissan Navara 

Fuel Manager FMNAVARAD40DPK Filter Kit   D40Nissan Navara Nissan Pathfinder

Fuel Manager FMPATROLDPK Filter Kit    Nissan Patrol 2007> 

Fuel Manager FMPRADORDPK  Filter Kit  Toyota Prado

Fuel Manager FMRANBT5032DPK Filter Kit  TDCI Ford Ranger 3.2L Mazda BT50 3.2L

Fuel Manager FMTRITION32DPK Filter Kit   Mitsubishi Triton 3.2L & 2.5L


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