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Unleash the power of your vehicle using an Intercooler today! 


HPD have designed Intercooler kits to specifically fit your Nissan Patrol, Nissan Navara, Toyota Landcruiser or Toyota Hilux. Intercooler kits are formulated to provide massive cooling capacities and allow your 4WD to experience increased performance, consistency and fuel efficiency.

These kits drive the purpose of greater cooling capacity. The equipment incorporates a vehicle specific heat exchanger that allows the reduction of both inlet temperatures and engine running temperatures. The front mounted intercoolers don’t suffer from heat soak from high under bonnet temperatures like top mounted intercoolers or water to air intercoolers which at low speed - hard slogging can increase inlet temperatures.

The kit is designed to replace a regular standard factory unit and give greater airflow potential resulting in increased performance. Installation can boost engine power by a whopping 10-20% over standard engine power.

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