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You asked… and the RAA listened.

Over the past year, the RAA have been reviewing what motorists want and expect from their Road Service. Since the data has been revised, changes have been made!

Battery Discounts – Along with free delivery and installation, RAA members now get $20 off their battery prices.

Bicycle Cover – anyone who has road-side service can now call to receive help with their bike as well as car.

Learner Drivers – new drivers are now covered by their supervisor’s membership.

Away From Home - If you’re a Plus or Premium member that breaks down more than 100kms from home and the RAA can’t help you out within 48 hours, they will pay for you and up to 4 others to get to your destination safely.

Towing – In the case that a patrol vehicle can not help you out, the RAA have improved the towing benefits, giving members more flexibility in the metro area.

Call – Outs -Motorists are now entitled to four call outs per year.



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