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Asbestos Brake Pads Recalled

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In news this week, thousands of brake pads containing deadly asbestos, designed to fit one of Australia’s most iconic and popular cars are being sold to local buyers - buyers that are completely unaware that they are in fact counterfeit and harmful.

This announcement follows a warning from Toyota Australia that informed owners of its popular Hilux and Hiace vehicles that the fake pads were being advertised on an online store. It is understood that the counterfeit brake pads had been sold online between June 2013 and October this year.

The parts were being sold in imitation Toyota packaging, for about one quarter of the price of genuine parts. Unfortunately, the imitation breaks are almost impossible to track down as they were imported from China and distributed online via eBay.
Asbestos has been banned from use in brake pads since 2003 and it is said that each time these bogus break pads are applied, the deadly asbestos dust goes into the atmosphere.

Here at Hi Tech, we’re in disbelief that the distributors of the product can completely disregard people’s health. It’s unacceptable that they are prepared to put the publics' lives at risk, just to gain sales.



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