1 Pack these essential items into your roadside repair kit!

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Handyman's Roadside Repair Kit

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While there’s an arsenal of tools which can be carried to help out in any roadside emergency or breakdown, depending on your level of expertise, we recommend the following items as a bare minimum to assist with the most common of vehicle problems on the road.


Handyman’s roadside repair kit:

- screwdrivers and spanners

- jumper leads

- blanket and towel/rags

- torch

- 2L water

- a jack and tyre iron

- tyre puddy (for temporary fixes)

- mini compressor

- first aid kit


When all else fails: if you’re close to home, organise a tow to Hi Tech (RAA members may be able to do this free of charge depending on level of cover) or call our emergency breakdown number on: 0412 096 881.


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