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Diesel Fuel Injection Specialists


The fuel system and all its components play a pivitol role in maintaining your engines performance - keeping this in top shape will reduce problems such as hard starting, fuel pressure fluctuations, black smoke & rough idling.

Hi Tech Diesel mechanics are all trained by some of the leading names in the diesel fuel injection industry, with all of our pump room work satisfying the rigorous standards of manufacturers such as Bosch, Denso and Delphi.

We stay up to date with the latest changes in technology & diagnostics and have superior testing facilities and scan tools to ensure problems are diagnosed efficiently and correctly. 

Because the diesel fuel system and all of its components are our specialty; whether you require testing, a strip and quote or a complete overhaul, you can be confident our experienced diesel mechanics will expertly meet your needs.

We can test and/or repair most common diesel fuel injection products within a 24 hour period and have an experienced parts department who can provide expert advise on replacement injectors & pumps most suitable for your vehicle. 

We also have a large range of changeover items in stock meaning minmal downtime. 

For more information regarding diesel pumps and injectors, please call (08) 8162 8630 or email us


  • factory trained pump room technicians
  • the latest testing equipment and diagnosis technology
  • pressurised pump room & clean room for common rail & specialised repairs
  • remanufactured or genuine pumps & injectors
  • complete pump overhaul
  • dyno tuning
  • timing & glow plugs
  • pump test benches & scan tools
  • technical advice

"Just picked up my Ford Ranger after tappet adjustment and new injectors. Now running smooth and strong. Great service from everybody I had contact with."

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