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The performance modules produced by Steinbauer are widely considered to be the best in the market. We have the right one for you. Installing a power chip will boost the available power and torque by up to 20%. These increases make your vehicle both safer and more reliable by putting more control in your hands.

The Steinbauer performance module provides up to 20% more power and torque. Improved torque in connection with increased power guarantees an enhanced drive at a reduced number or revolutions. The Power Module is achieving an even better response at lower rpms and we are seeing strong mid range acceleration.

The Steinbauer Power Module has been developed following years of research and testing and is subject to rigorous quality control measures. It is very easy to install and can be applied to virtually all makes and models of turbo diesel vehicles. There is also a Steinbauer Power Module application for tractors.


  Simple cost-saving installation with original plug connectors


  Higher performance by optimising the fuel injection system

per3  Service 
  Standard service intervals remain unchanged

  Range of Products
  Virtually all makes and models of vehicles and tractors catered for 

  Steinbauer Warranty
  A 3 year warranty on your Steinbauer Power Module

In-house development and testing

The Steinbauer performance modules are a highly complex electronic accessory which optimise the fuel injection processes in your vehicle without increasing the charging-air or common-rail pressure. The original Steinbauer plug & play connection can be installed without any complication and can be removed at any time. This fully maintains the functional integrity of your original engine control unit (ECU).

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Steinbauer_agrocultural_performanceSTEINBAUER FOR FARMERS

(most popular)

"My V10 Toureg is a Wild Thang now..!

"Although the V10 was a stonking good performer prior to the Steinbauer install, it's a friggin' wild thang now!!! - I reckon that I should enter it into a tractor weight pulling drags!! Book a date with your chiropractor! Loud pedal to the floor, whatever the speed, and you'll need a neck brace to keep you from looking at the ceiling! It just doesn't look like a Porsche, it GOES like one now!I find the increased power bloody addictive and certainly exhilarating, and a significant safety factor kin that I can now overtake while slowing down (!) and that aggressive kick up the backside when it's needed (and when it's not) has whipped me easily out of tight situations with time to spare. And less gear changes is another bonus - seems top gear will go almost anywhere - even with 3 1/2 tonnes of horse float and horses behind.

My Consumption has dropped (yes - dropped) from average 11.4 ltr/100k to 10.7 ltr/100k - quite the opposite of what one might expect."

Bill Frost VW Toureg V10 – Newcastle

"...the best dollar for horsepower option on offer"

"I have been testing a Steinbauer module on my 4WD Hilux now for about twelve months, and I'm convinced the drivability has genuinely improved. My wife and I do quite a few miles in central Queensland and most of these miles are done towing a trailer of some description.

If I drive carefully I'm able to achieve better fuel economy, but really I like the extra power I now have on call. I believe the Steinbauer product is the best dollar for horsepower option on offer." 

Peter Ehrich Dalby, Queensland

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