The fuel system and all its components play a pivotal role in maintaining your engine’s performance. Keeping this system in top shape will reduce performance problems such as hard starting, fuel pressure fluctuations, black smoke and rough idling.

Whether you require testing, a strip and quote or a complete overhaul, you can be confident our expert diesel mechanics will meet your needs.

We can test and repair most common diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors within a 24-hour period.

Our experienced parts department provide expert advice on exchange injectors and pumps as well as a large range of replacement washers, gaskets, valves, solenoids and more.

For 25 years we have satisfied the rigorous standards of diesel fuel injection manufacturers such as Bosch, Denso and Delphi.

We use pressurised rooms to repair most common fuel injection products and a clean room for specialised repairs. Whether it is a single or dual spring application, all injectors are repaired using genuine parts set to the manufacturer’s specifications.