Hi Tech Diesel offer a range of solutions to get more power and torque from your diesel vehicle, including Steinbauer performance modules, turbochargers and exhausts.

These can be fitted to more than 150 vehicle models from a Volkswagen Amarok through to a John Deere Header and more.

Fine-tuning your diesel engine with aftermarket upgrades such as turbochargers, power pedals and performance chips can get more out of your vehicle.

Our Steinbauer modules can be fitted to any vehicle and achieve a 20% increase in power and torque. Alternatively, fitting a power pedal reduces the feeling of throttle lag.

We can also install aftermarket intercooler kits that have greater airflow potential and increase engine power by up to 20%.

We fit a wide range of turbochargers, intercoolers and gaskets from some of the world’s leading brands that offer greater fuel economy, lower emissions, more power and increased torque.